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Adrien Brandeis is a french jazz pianist and composer born in Annecy.


After studying at the Nice conservatory, he moved to Paris in 2018 to study with Manuel Rocheman and graduated from the CRR conservatory in Paris.


In 2017, he produced and released his first album in quintet "Euforia", which had great recognition and international success after performing in Asia (Jazzmandu Festival in Nepal, Kolkata International Jazz Festival in India).


"Euforia" put Adrien Brandeis, in the spotlight of the Jazz scene, and led him to be awarded the prestigious Letter One Rising Stars Jazz Award 2018.


This award, which recognizes the best young European jazz artist of the year, opened the doors for him to share his music on the biggest European stages during the summer of 2019: Nice Jazz Festival (France), Umbria Jazz Festival (Italy), Leopolis Jazz Festival (Ukraine), Love Supreme Jazz Festival (England), Heineken Jazzaldia Festival (Spain), Kongsberg Jazz Festival (Norway), JazzOpen Stuttgart (Germany).


Subsequently, he toured Mexico to present "Euforia" in trio, at the International Jazz and Blues Festival of Zacatecas 2019 and in several theaters in the center of the country.

On the French scene, he has won numerous awards: first prize at the Jazz à Juan 2017, public prize at the Jazz 2017 in Porquerolles, among others.

In Paris, he collaborates with numerous musicians such as Orlando Poleo, Inor Sotolongo, Damian Nueva, Arnaud Dolmen, Abraham Mansfaroll, Felipe Cabrera, Orlando Poleo and Philippe Ciminato.

Very attached to Latin music, he went to study in Havana, Cuba, with Ernan Lopez Nussa to perfect his piano skills, in September 2019.


These trips and experiences enriched his piano playing and allowed him to write his second album "Meetings", a quartet album with Damian Nueva, Arnaud Dolmen, Inor Sotolongo and special guest Orlando Poleo.


"Meetings", released in October 2020, allows him to move towards a more modern sound while maintaining a certain freshness. It was selected as one of the best jazz albums in France in 2020 by TSF Jazz radio.


In 2021, "Meetings" is presented more than 30 times; including festivals and clubs in France (Altitude Jazz Festival, Festival Jazz en Sol Mineur, Festival Musique en Cour, Duc des Lombards) as well as in Mexico (Festival Internacional de Polanco, Festival Internacional de Irapuato, Ciclo de Jazz del Forum Cultural Guanajuato, Festival EuroJazz, Festival Cultural de Mayo in Jalisco).


After two tours in Mexico in May and November 2021, where he was very well received by the Mexican public, he created a strong bond with this country and was fascinated by its culture and the places he visited.


It is then, that he decided to record his third album "Siempre más allá", a testimony of his experiences and his personal tribute to Mexico.


This album was recorded as a quartet, with the musicians with whom he had shared the stage a few months before: Giliard Lopes (Brazil), José Loria Triay (Mexico) and Roberto Vizcaino Jr. (Cuba).


He also had the collaboration of two great Cuban musicians of the international jazz scene: Horacio "El Negro" Hernández and Roberto Vizcaino Guillot.


In the summer of 2022, he had outstanding participations in the A to jazz Festival (Bulgaria), Jazz à Toulon (France) as well as a special invitation to the San Jose Summer Jazz Festival (USA). He even had the opportunity to arrange and present his music in Piano Solo in Portugal and England.


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Adrien Brandeis received European and nationals awards :

  • Grand Prix UNAC Jazz New Talent 2022

  • LetterOne Rising Stars Jazz Award 2018

  • First price of the 2017 Jazz à Juan

  • Price of the public of the 2017 Jazz in Porquerolles

  • Finalist on Nice Jazz Festival contest 2016

  • Finalist on Cavalaire Jazz Festival 2016

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