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Available on September 4th 2020

                   by Jazz Family


Adrien Brandeis – piano, composition

Damian Nueva – doublebass

Arnaud Dolmen – drums

Inor Sotolongo – percussion


Featuring Orlando Poleo – percussion on track 5



Produced by Adrien Brandeis

Recorded by Thomas Vingtrinier @ Studio Sequenza (Montreuil, France – December 9th-10th 2019)

Mixed by Thomas Vingtrinier @ Studio Sequenza (January 2020)

Mastered by Stefano Amerio @ Artesuono Recording Studios (Udine, Italy – February 2020)


Cover : Claire Legouriellec

Artwork : Marc Giacomoni

Photography : Daniel Tiurin, Edouard Hosquet

After a record acclaimed in quintet: "Euforia", published in 2018, where he was joined by musical friends of his generation, the young French pianist Adrien Brandeis (28 years old) returns to us in quartet this time (piano, double bass, drums, percussion) joined  by experienced musicians.

With “Meetings”, he places his piano playing at the center of his compositions, where he has invited two important Cuban musicians, based in Paris: the double bass player Damian Nueva and the percussionist Inor Sotolongo, as well as the essential drummer of Guadeloupe origin. : Arnaud Dolmen.

A volcanic and inspired quartet, which forms a group with a coherent sound identity, where the rhythmic energy blends happily with the beautiful melodic flavors of Cuban music. An energy driven by master's hands by the obsessive ostinatos that Adrien plates on his piano, increased tenfold by the percussive force of his three musicians.

This dynamic bubbling is reminiscent of the force deployed by rock musicians and it is precisely in a rock group, in Nice, that starts his career (where he played the tubes of Deep Purple!). After this rock experience, Adrien Brandeis fell in love with Latin-jazz by discovering the music of the Dominican pianist Michel Camilo and he realized that we could deploy the same tension and the same energy in Caribbean music as in Rock. After Michel Camilo, he became interested in the brilliant Cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba, then he joined the Paris Conservatory (CRR) to leanr jazz with Manuel Rocheman.

During his studies, the music of two great figures of jazz piano immediately seduced him: Chick Corea and Bill Evans!

Adrien quickly formed a quintet and recorded his first album when he had not yet finished his studies at the conservatory. The album: "Euforia" is very appreciated and allows it to tour in all the world, as well as in many important festivals after winning the prestigious prize: "Letter One Rising Stars Jazz Award".

In September 2019, he spent the entire month in Havana to perfect his Cuban-style piano playing with Ernan Lopez-Nussa (Harold Lopez-Nussa's uncle). It was on his return from Havana that he formed this famous Cuban quartet in Paris and composed the entire album "Meetings" which he recorded in December 2019. A disc designed to be played on stage, with a particularly relevant narration, which constitutes a sort of ideal set-list for future concerts… ..


With Mantodea (scholarly name of the praying mantis) which masterfully opens the album, we are at the heart of a lively and jerky tempo, carried by a fabulous group energy, where this particularly rich composition, develops around a beautiful interaction between the piano playing and a percussive mood that we want to spell it: dance!

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The piece Agonda (which evokes a city of India in the state of Goa) is first exposed in the form of a slow prelude before the rhythmic explosion of the theme carried by a virulent ostinato masterfully conducted by Adrien .


As the name suggests, Chick’s Garden is a vibrant tribute to Chick Corea in the form of a lush, leafy, flower-filled musical garden.


With Suave, we are fully involved in the Cuban music tradition, where melody and rhythm are in perfect harmony around harmoniously organic music. Venezuelan percussionist Orlando Poleo (based in Paris) is the quartet's special guest for this key song, which is right in the middle of the album.


On Never Know, Adrien explores the universe of the solo piano for a very beautiful melodious moment of musical introspection.


Not Ready, played in trio (without percussionist) offers music more focused on jazz, which is reminiscent of the energy of the trios of Horace Silver or Michel Camilo.


After a beautiful introduction to the solo piano which leads to the melody of Elixir, the rhythm sets in and develops an excellent musical remedy for well-being, with delicacy and elegance, where the trio explores a sentimental and nostalgic climate.


Back to the quartet and to Cuban rhythms with this languid and sensual Cha Cha Paris that we would like to dance tenderly with the person we are in love with.


Finally the album ends in solo piano with Textures, through a singular sound experiment which continues in a melodic narration which seems to say to us: "Goodbye, and see you soon for new musical adventures ...".

A final piece that confirms the talent and open-mindedness of Adrien Brandeis, who has not finished surprising us, and which we are sure will continue to evolve and present to us different projects original, and always as exciting.

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